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Any digital transformation strategy must consider data protection and business resiliency. But how can you easily coordinate backup, storage and recovery in a multicloud environment without compromising compliance and security?

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Cloud Volumes services offer an all-in-one on-demand solution to help you access your data when and where you need it with seamless edge to cloud protection and agility.  

What are HPE Cloud Volumes?

HPE Cloud Volumes provide enterprise-grade hybrid and multicloud intelligent data storage and management services, delivering volumes-as-a-service for use with cloud providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It allows you to add storage volumes to your cloud virtual machine on demand to achieve the size and performance level that fit your needs. You can also create snapshots, encrypt data, add users, create clones and monitor performance for each volume.  

How HPE Cloud Volumes work

HPE Cloud Volumes have two components: HPE Cloud Volumes Backup and HPE Cloud Volumes Block.

HPE Cloud Volumes Backup

This enterprise backup service for on-premises, edge and cloud workloads offers simple, reliable and agile data protection with a built-for-cloud experience. You can backup directly from any storage array or independent software vendor (ISV) without using any backup appliance.

HPE Cloud Volumes Backup consists of four components:

  • HPE RMC: It offers seamless integration with Cloud Volume Services, enabling users to instantly recover stored data to Cloud Volume Block for use with cloud computing providers (e.g., AWS, Azure, and GCP.)
  • Commvault: The deep collaboration between Commvault and HPE enables users to use HPE Cloud Volumes Backup directly with Commvault application servers. The data is available for recovery from a single pane of glass.
  • Veeam: Catalyst Copy allows you to use various efficient and scalable HPE StoreOnce appliances on-premises and on-demand. You can also send data directly to the cloud without involving StoreOnce.
  • Micro Focus Data Protector: It supports cross-platform, cross-application data protection, so you can backup directory to HPE Cloud Volumes from VMware, Hyper-V, Oracle, SAP, Windows, Linux, Aix, Solaris and more.

HPE Cloud Volumes Block

This enterprise-grade multicloud service offers data management features for applications in public clouds with proven storage uptime and availability, robust data encryption, instant snapshot and more. You can scale performance and capacity independently, elastically and on-demand.

HPE Cloud Volumes Block can help you:

  • Protect data against deletion, corruption, server failures and other incidents with single-click replication and instant failover capabilities. You don't have to worry about any additional infrastructure or fees.
  • Support cloud-native CI/CD pipelines with easy lift and shift from the data center to the cloud without refactoring on-premises applications for cloud migration.
  • Streamline software development with multicloud storage APIs that allow you to easily create datasets and clones to support building, testing and deployment.
  • Implement an agile and scalable hybrid-cloud solution with an on-demand and self-service model. It can instantly spin up instances and have copies of data available to support development, analytics, disaster recovery and more.

The benefits of HPE Cloud Volumes

HPE Cloud Volumes services can help you address today's challenges in data storage and management.

Run apps anywhere

Provision capacity in minutes to run mission-critical apps in the cloud. HPE Cloud Volumes deliver high reliability, fast performance and a consistent data experience whether on-prem or in the cloud.

Simplify data recovery

Back up to the cloud directly from any storage array and restore the data without high egress fees. You can improve operational cost-efficiency with consumption-based pricing and seamless data mobility across hybrid cloud environments.

Add resilience to native cloud

Access proven storage availability that's more durable than native cloud elastic block storage to maximize IT agility and business innovation.  

Avoid vendor lock-in and egress fees

Leverage multiple public clouds without migrating your data to eliminate the cost, frustration, and inconvenience of vendor lock-in and data-egress charges.

Support power container operations

Move and enable hybrid cloud apps using Docker or Kubernetes. Persistent container storage offers added simplicity, security, flexibility, portability and cost-efficiency.

Implementing HPE Cloud Volumes

As an HPE Platinum Partner, WWT offers advanced compute, storage and cloud solutions. Our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) allows you to explore, evaluate and gain hands-on access to various HPE technologies, including Cloud Volumes, to see how they can meet your data analytics, storage and management needs.  

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