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Organizations are increasingly seeking ways to create AI-infused Contact Centers to improve the customer experience and reduce costs by leveraging virtual assistants to collect caller information and provide faster support. While there are many reasons to implement AI in your Contact Center, the challenge is in choosing the right solution — one that will help both your customers and live agents, while seamlessly integrating with your existing Contact Center technology. 

This article explores Google Contact Center Artificial Intelligence (CCAI), its key benefits and features, and why it might be the right AI solution for your organization's Contact Center. 

Google Contact Center Artificial Intelligence (CCAI) is an AI platform that can extend to an existing Contact Center platform by providing streamlined, intelligent natural language conversation capabilities across all channels. CCAI is compatible with virtually every platform, including these popular Contact Center solutions: 



What are the key benefits and features of Google CCAI? 

Google CCAI can help organizations reduce costs by leveraging virtual agents, improve the customer journey across channels, and support effective and prompt resolution of customer issues. It enables natural language conversations through four key AI technologies:

  1. Speech-to-Text (STT): Technology that enables human speech to be converted into text automatically.
  2. Text-to-Speech (TTS): Technology that enables text to be converted into speech resembling a human voice.
  3. Natural Language Processing (NLP): The automatic processing of natural language, such as speech and text, by software.
  4. Dialogflow: A natural language understanding solution used to easily design, build and integrate conversational interfaces into end-user applications such as interactive voice response (IVR), websites, bots and mobile.

These technologies work together to deliver the following CCAI features:

  • Virtual Agent: A solution that provides conversational self-service with the ability to hand off to a live agent, if required.
  • Agent Assist: Provides live agents with guided assistance during voice and speech interactions by interpreting the conversation between the customer and the agent.
  • Insights: A feature that uses NLP to extrapolate specific sentiments and drivers from customer interactions to continually improve the solution and customer experiences.

Why should I implement Google CCAI?

Gain operational efficiency

When integrated with an existing Contact Center platform, Google CCAI solutions can help reduce costs by using 24x7 Virtual Agents to handle general inquiries while transferring more complex interactions to live agents. The Agent Assist feature can help live agents with complex interactions by guiding them through the details required to fully resolve the inquiry. This reduces callbacks, repeat calls, chats, escalations, training expenses and agent turnover. 

Improve customer journeys

Customers are tired of complicated menus, lengthy announcements, limited non-voice interaction options, long wait times and inaccurate responses to inquiries that require time-consuming follow-up to resolve. Dialogflow's conversational, natural language capabilities deliver streamlined IVR solutions that are rich with self-service options. Virtual Agents embedded in websites and mobile applications provide quick and efficient resolution without the need to interact with an agent. And when an agent's expertise is required, the agent is fully aware of the background details and is quickly presented with tools to resolve the issue. 

Quickly deliver cross-channel solutions

Google CCAI solutions can be rapidly delivered to address urgent customer service needs. For example, many organizations turned to Google CCAI solutions to help combat the unique servicing issues brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. The unexpected and rapid change in consumer behavior and expected engagement required the quick and dynamic solutions that CCAI can provide.

Virtual Agents can be easily deployed across multiple interaction channels. As customers traverse multiple channels, Virtual Agents maintain the context and progress of their issue to reduce frustration and resolution time. In addition, Google's robust APIs support a common integration layer with backend enterprise applications, providing accurate responses to customer inquiries that remain consistent across channels.  

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