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An experienced partner that can help test, validate and integrate multi-vendor solutions is key.

Enterprise segmentation — the act of dividing a network into zones to better defend it — often starts as a security engagement and quickly evolves into a broader discussion about how a customer can move along in its digital transformation journey.

That's because enterprise segmentation touches nearly every aspect of the business, from data center infrastructure to remote access. Some building blocks of enterprise segmentation include application dependency mapping, governance, risk and compliance, and software-defined networking (SDN) solutions such as Cisco ACI or VMware NSX.

The purpose of enterprise segmentation is to prevent lateral movement in the network to better secure important information or other assets. Flat networks, the opposite of segmented networks, can provide malicious actors with easy access to critical information. Building walls to restrict lateral movement within the network provides more protection for the enterprise once an attacker is inside, as well as matures a business' architecture for a higher cybersecurity capability.

WWT Solution Highlight: Enterprise Segmentation with Rick Dudeck

The benefits of enterprise segmentation are clear, and most customers recognize it as an important tool for securing their business. But enterprise segmentation is a complex multi-discipline approach that cannot yet be achieved with a single solution.

An experienced partner that can help test, validate and integrate multi-vendor solutions is key.

WWT's enterprise segmentation methodology

WWT's approach to enterprise segmentation begins with a holistic view of a customer's enterprise architecture to devise the best strategy moving forward.

Key questions that need to be answered before deciding on an enterprise segmentation solution include:

  • What pieces of information do you want to segment? And why do they need to be segmented?
  • Who should be granted access to segmented areas of the architecture?
  • What applications will be affected as a result of segmentation?
  • Who owns those applications?

Starting with the solution and skipping over these important questions could delay solution deployment while you go back and establish these parameters.

WWT's approach includes briefings and workshops to help guide customers through this process so they can more quickly and efficiently find the right solution and implement it with minimal disruption to their day-to-day operations.

WWT's enterprise segmentation methodology

WWT is unique in its ability to both advise customers on the solutions best suited to their needs and execute on such projects by testing, validating and deploying solutions at scale through our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) and Global Integration Centers.

WWT provides the value of security services expertise with strong solution product partnerships and the ATC to test solutions, which help de-risk enterprise segmentation decisions.