Extract insights and intelligence from edge to cloud

Artificial intelligence (AI) is opening up exciting new opportunities across industries, thanks to unprecedented, revolutionary computing power; advanced analytics; and accelerated technologies from leading innovators. While the fundamental elements of artificial intelligence—machine learning and adjacent domains such as deep learning, computer vision and perceptual computing—are more accessible, knowing the infrastructure requirements and building a real-world AI business solution can be challenging.

With our strong background and knowledge in an array of disciplines—including data analytics, machine learning, convolutional neural networks, high-performance computing and network acceleration, WWT can provide the expertise to pull it all together. We can be your guide in putting massive amounts of data to work for you, using best practices to continuously tune neural networks for better training and inference.

Bring your artificial intelligence solution to life

At WWT, we help our clients architect AI solutions using cutting-edge technologies and proven standards. We develop the environments to successfully productionize them for your organization’s goals, whether these are to reduce deadly infections or detect fraud before it happens. And because we are building on high-performance technologies built for compute-intense applications like Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and Intel® FPGAs, your AI applications will extend from edge devices to cloud environments.

It all happens at our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) where we guide you through the entire process in a collaborative ecosystem to help design, build, educate, demonstrate and deploy your custom AI solution. Our engineers collaborate with yours in a sandbox environment to create a proof of concept, then test and validate the results to bring business ideas to outcomes.

Artificial Intelligence Use Cases

The AI market may be enabled by technology, but ultimately it is a more practical focus on use cases that will define the business of artificial intelligence. Explore some of our proven solutions.

Artificial Intelligence Partners

WWT partners with the leaders and innovators within the AI industry. Therefore, we build AI solutions on high-performance technologies built for compute-intense applications that help you take your solutions from the edge to the cloud. Explore our partners.

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