Evaluating SD-WAN with Traffic Jam

July 30, 2020

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We have been helping customers evaluate SD-WAN solutions within the ATC for as long as I can remember (Cisco iWAN anyone?).  Within every SD-WAN lab, Traffic Jam has been there whether you knew it or not!  You might be asking yourself, "What the heck is Traffic Jam?". 

Traffic Jam at its core is a linux based router.  When used in an SD-WAN lab it is typically acting as the service provider that the SD-WAN solutions connect to for underlay connectivity.  Within Traffic Jam, you can impair it's interfaces (hence the name), creating sub-optimal scenarios for the SD-WAN solutions so that you can understand how these SD-WAN solutions react and mitigate issues when they arise.

If you would like deeper details on Traffic Jam in terms of "What's under the hood", a list of features, and specific use cases we have used it for in the ATC around our Proof of Concepts (POCs) then visit our ATC Insight titled "Traffic Jam, a Swiss Army Knife Lab Tool in the ATC".

In this ATC Insight, I will demo how we use Traffic Jam in an SD-WAN environment and how it can help you when evaluating this technology! Click on the ATC Insight section to learn more!

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