Case Study

Consumer Lender Standardizes on Cloud Backup

Configuring two comparable cloud storage solutions allowed the customer to judge the cost between the two platforms and test which configuration would work best for their storage needs.


A rapidly growing consumer lender had the foresight to create hybrid cloud-ready active/active data centers to improve reliability, performance and increase efficiency. This included Dell EMC’s DPS Suite, Avamar and Data Domain data protection solutions. However, the customer had a variety of backup strategies among its data centers and sought WWT’s assistance to craft a comprehensive data protection strategy.


In evaluating the requirements to ensure data protection of their data sets in the new data centers, it was determined that more capacity was required. Together with the customer, it was decided that the best course of action was to “flip the switch” on the hybrid cloud and offload the older backups to the cloud. In reviewing how often the customer restored files, the customer determined that they could easily offload data older than 3-6 months to the cloud.

WWT configured 100TB of cloud storage via Virtustream Storage Cloud. Then onsite with the customer, WWT configured a comparable cloud storage solution with another top tier provider. This allowed the customer to judge the cost between the two platforms.

In this instance, the Virtustream solution best met the customer’s needs. WWT and the Dell EMC team also provided analysis to prove that utilizing Data Domain to control the tiering would provide superior data reduction capabilities of the customer data sets and proving the advantages of using Data Domain Cloud Tier to Virtustream.


By providing the customer with several options and empirical data, WWT enabled the customer to make an informed decision. The solution is currently being initiated, and with WWT’s support and expertise, the organization is taking full advantage of its hybrid cloud infrastructure.