In this case study

There are many common barriers organizations face when new technology is introduced: a "why change?" attitude, first-encounter failure, use case not understood, or a simple fear of the unknown.

Streamlining technology adoption to ensure consistent and effective training is even more challenging when employees speak and work in multiple languages.

Language as a barrier

A Consumer Credit Reporting Agency wanted to transition more than 17,000 end users to Cisco's Webex video and web conferencing platform.

The Agency's global footprint includes Spanish, Portuguese and English speakers across 16 countries. The Agency was simply unequipped to effectively communicate and train its global workforce on the upgraded technology.

Without assistance, the Agency risked a disjointed workforce with differing levels of technology understanding, adoption and engagement. Such fragmentation would prevent the Agency from fully realizing the efficiencies in productivity an updated video system could bring, or any return on investment associated with the upgrade.

Adoption services at a global scale

To overcome these hurdles, the Agency engaged WWT's Adoption Services team to develop and execute a custom blended learning program, augmented by a strategic marketing initiative, that would be rolled out to the Agency's workforce on a global scale.

WWT's blended learning plan and marketing services included:

  • On-site classroom training in English and Portuguese in 8 countries (in-person sessions were broadcast virtually to remote attendees).
  • Virtual demos/training via Webex at all international Agency locations.
  • Webex Meeting Center FAQs created in Spanish, Portuguese and English.
  • Quick reference guides created in Spanish, Portuguese and English.
  • How-to videos created in Spanish, Portuguese and English.
  • Interactive click and learn training created in Spanish, Portuguese and English.
  • On-site promotional kiosks, posters, promo videos and co-branded marketing material dispersed across 10 targeted locations.
  • User personas created in Spanish, Portuguese and English for executive administrators, department administrators, novice users, power users, help desk personnel and engineering support.

Turning barriers into assets

With the plan fine-tuned and ready to roll, the Agency took its upgrade live with confidence. Leveraging the expertise of WWT's Adoption Services team allowed the Agency to address the unique language and adoption barriers that were hindering its efforts to efficiently and consistently educate its 17,000-plus end users.

With WWT's help, the Agency and its employees experienced a much smoother transition to Webex. In fact, a post-implementation survey reported a significant increase in employee comfort using the new tools. The Agency also came away equipped with the knowledge and learning resources to support any future growing pains.

Now, with a new meeting experience enabling increased productivity across its global workforce, the Agency is in a position to experience the true savings that modern technology can offer through improved efficiency.