In this case study

Agile training and software development lead to enhanced customer experience.

Driving a new customer experience

Businesses move at the speed of technology, especially when you are in the business of moving people. When long lines and a cumbersome check-in process caused friction between customers and employees, a Rental Car Company and their application development team went to work.

The challenge? Build an app to improve the customer experience and expedite the car rental process across 5,000 branch locations nationwide, while continuing to execute on other critical IT priorities.

A partner in technology

To help meet new demands on the application development team, the customer needed additional time and resources to develop and deploy a new mobile experience at scale. They needed a reliable partner with expertise in mobile applications and orchestration layer development experience in order to create new code that integrated seamlessly with legacy environments.

The company partnered with WWT to develop this new solution at scale while providing coaching and practice mentoring for organizational change.

Going mobile

In order to build upon the company's reputation of best-in-class customer service, a tablet application was developed to streamline the car rental experience. As a result, customers can now make reservations, check-ins and return visits without ever having to wait in line.Instead of simply creating the app, WWT coached the customer in agile development principles to improve workforce productivity and speed of software deployment. Additionally, WWT procured and deployed tablets with the preconfigured software for branches across the country.Agile coaching efforts resulted in improvements for both the rental car company and their customers. With WWT's guidance, the company transformed horizontal team structures into integrated product teams for speed and efficiency. This allowed for the dismantling of knowledge silos, quicker code deployments and higher-quality deliverables, ultimately creating a better process for the ongoing support and evolution of the application.

Fine-tuned results

Through this close partnership, WWT created best-in-class, seamlessly integrated software and made innovative changes to the company's internal application development organization. The result was a more efficient workforce, an innovative application and an improved customer experience.

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