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Protecting Data in Motion with Thales High Speed Encryptors

Advanced Configuration Lab

Solution overview

Thales High Speed Encryptors (HSE) are specialized devices designed to safeguard data in transit. These devices, certified by FIPS, employ purpose-built hardware and software to handle all encryption operations. HSEs are available in both hardware and software versions, making them adaptable for various scenarios and network topologies such as Point to Point, Hub and Spoke, Fully Meshed, Point to Multi-Point and Cloud deployments.

Thanks to Thales HSEs' tunnel-free technology, they can achieve line rate speeds with minimal overhead and almost no latency. Organizations that deploy Thales HSEs can enjoy uninterrupted LAN/WAN connectivity without any negative impact. In fact, customers have reported increased bandwidth utilization when replacing outdated encryption technologies like IPSEC, which tend to introduce additional overhead.

Thales HSEs support all modern cryptographic algorithms and also allow for the use of custom and future algorithms. Moreover, Thales HSEs are Quantum Safe ready, ensuring that your data remains secure even in the face of advancements in quantum computing.

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