Cisco and Microsoft Interoperability v1

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Solution Overview
In this sandbox contained environment, the user will be provided a working Cisco Unified Communication Manager with Jabber clients that will be able to communicate with an on premise Microsoft Skype for Business Server and clients. A lab guide will also be provide that will contain the configuration steps required to create an intradomain federation (chat-only) communication channel.

The user may use the environment beyond the scope of the defined lab. Additional changes to the environment will need to be discussed with the WWT resource assigned to this lab.

The following labs are recommended before this lab:
  • Collaboration System Release 11.5 - Configuration Lab. 
  • Mobile Remote Access - Configuration Lab
  • Deploying Skype for Business 2015

This lab will be scheduled for a 2 hour session.

Goals & Objectives

The following topics are part of the lab:
  • Work with Microsoft Skype for Business and Cisco Jabber IM Client.
  • Understand the basic infrastructure needed for a Microsoft Skype for Business deployment.
  • Create an intradomain federation between Cisco IM&P and Skype for Business (chat only) .

Hardware & Software

The lab consists of the following components:
  • Cisco Unified Communication Manager 11.5
  • Cisco Unified Presence (Cisco IM&P) 11.5.1su2
  • Cisco Unity Connection 11.5
  • Cisco Expressway Control and Edge 8.9
  • Jabber Clients
  • Microsoft Skye for Business (S4B) 2015
  • Skype Edge
  • Skype Front End
  • Expressway Skype Gateway
  • Skype Video Interop Server
  • Skype Clients