Megh Computing Streaming Analytics

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Solution Overview
Megh Computing delivers a scalable, efficient platform for real-time analytics using FPGA-as-a-Service in the cloud. Our software solution uses Intel FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays)-based accelerators to deliver better performance at lower latencies. 

  • Megh's products include the following software components for deployment on Public, Private or Edge Cloud.  
  • Sira Accelerator Function Units (AFUs) for inline processing of streaming data and offload processing of compute intensive Machine Learning / Deep Learning algorithms. 
  • Arka Runtime to manage the FPGAs and expose Accelerator Functions-as-a-Service via high level APIs for integration with the applications. 

Megh will provide the services to enable customers to deploy their applications and benefit from the increased performance and lower latencies of an FPGA accelerated platform. 

Goals & Objectives

The Megh Computing Streaming Analytic Solution is intended for audiences who require a light-weight but highly performant data streaming solution. The Megh Computing solution is designed to address the key challenges of real-time analytics for streaming data in diverse formats, including audio, video and text.

Hardware & Software

The Megh Computing Streaming Analytics FPGA Lab is an integrated solution utilizing the following components:

  • Intel Arria 10 GX FPGA 
  • Dell EMC PowerEdge R740 Compute
  • Megh Computing's Arka Distributed Runtime solution & Sira Shell solution