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Solution Overview
NetApp Kubernetes Service is a Kubernetes-as-a-service offering that targets hybrid and multicloud deployments. With NetApp Kubernetes Service, you can create Kubernetes clusters that are scalable, ready for production, easy to manage in one or more clouds, and managed from a single set of controls.

NetApp Kubernetes Service federates clusters, enabling cloud-based DNS to handle incoming requests to clusters in the back end across the entire federation. The advantages are that users gain transparency for all Kubernetes workloads and gain the ability to scale up. These benefits mean that if your organization is still growing, the solution grows simultaneously, and if you’re an enterprise, you will finally have a way to be in complete control. NetApp Kubernetes Service works on all the major public clouds and with their respective Kubernetes services:

  • Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Kubernetes Engine on Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) 

NetApp Kubernetes Service also supports NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs). So if you build clusters from raw computing, rather than by using cloud-managed services, you can use Amazon EKS, Google Cloud Platform, or Azure.

The ability for NetApp Kubernetes Service to deploy to any of the major hyperscalers gives you an enormous range. You also don’t have to rely on building solutions by using cloud-based compute and storage directly. This kind of flexibility allows you to move workloads to the cloud platform that suits your needs most effectively. You’re not confined to a Kubernetes deployment in just one cloud or between one cloud and an on-premises environment. NetApp Kubernetes Service also comes with a utility that enables you to install cloud-native solutions on demand. This extensive curated list of open-source technologies includes:

  • Istio
  • Helm
  • GitLab
  • fabric8
  • Prometheus
  • Linkerd 

These applications can be deployed directly to a cluster for any number of use cases. For example, with Istio, NetApp Kubernetes Service is an easy way to manage microservice deployments. With Helm, NetApp Kubernetes Service creates personalized Helm charts or can use the repository on GitHub for deployment.

Trident is another solution that’s preinstalled with NetApp Kubernetes Service. With Trident, NetApp solutions such as Cloud Volumes Service can meet persistent volume claims that are made by Kubernetes clusters. NetApp Kubernetes Service deploys Trident so that Kubernetes can interface with Cloud Volumes Service. This interface gives Cloud Volumes Service scalable, high-performance data volumes that are highly available and easy to copy with NetApp Snapshot™ technology and to clone.

Goals & Objectives

Learn features and functionlity of NKS for full lifecycle management of kubernetes clusters as well as supported integrations of enterprise products such as Istio service mesh and Trident persistent volumes orchestrator.

Hardware & Software

NetApp HCI