VMware Cloud Foundation: Software-Defined Networking Essentials Lab

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Solution Overview

Network and Security capabilities generally require specialized hardware and dedicated administrators. With VMware Cloud foundation and VMware NSX-T, these capabilities are abstracted into software components that enable a vSphere administrator to create networking and security constructs within their vSphere deployments. By fully virtualizing the network, entire application sets become mobile between clusters or even data centers.

Goals & Objectives

  • Lab environment overview
  • Software defined networking - create network segments and assign host
  • Software defined security - create distributed firewall rules
  • Software defined services - create a load balancer

Hardware & Software

  • 5x - ESXi 7.x Hosts running VCF 4.2
    • SDDC Manager
    • Virtual Center
    • NSX Manager
    • NSX Edge(s)
  • 1x Windows Jumphost
  • 1x Virtual Router providing L3 and BGP for the lab