As an Equinix Platinum partner, WWT enables customers to achieve their digital edge strategy through modern, multicloud architecture on Platform Equinix – a superior colocation and interconnection platform that extends across 52 markets on five continents.

Equinix’s more than 200 strategically located hosting facilities are physically close to public clouds, providing cost-efficient connectivity to cloud providers at speeds that resemble local data center Ethernet.

Platform Equinix also offers customers the opportunity to interconnect to a catalog of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud service providers. Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform are just a few of the 1,600 network and 2,750 cloud and IT service providers that make up Equinix’s diverse ecosystem to help customers identify and design the fastest, safest, lowest-latency routes worldwide.

WWT Accelerates the Cloud Journey

WWT has the unique ability to address the complex architecture requirements facing customers as they move some, or all, of their applications to Equinix locations. WWT’s capabilities span across multiple OEMs and address everything from initial consulting support through deployment and optimization, with network managed and end-user adoption services.

At our Advanced Technology Center, WWT builds and tests integrated networking, storage and security solutions in a lab that mimics the customer environment. Using dedicated racks at an Equinix co-location facility, WWT can show the speed of using an Equinix site and demonstrate management of the different platforms required to meet our customers’ business goals. Once a solution has been validated, WWT can build and install the equipment at Equinix co-locations.

In partnership with Cisco, F5 and NetApp, WWT and Equinix have jointly created reference architectures in WWT’s Advanced Technology Center that help our customers recognize the benefits of using Equinix as a foundation for their cloud transformation.

A modern infrastructure at your edge that connects to public cloud that is sustainable and scalable is a key part to any enterprise’s digital strategy. WWT has the culture, experience, knowledge and partner ecosystem to guide customers throughout their cloud journey.