AnsibleFest 2020 Preview


Zero Trust in the data center is implemented by network segmentation that prevents lateral movement.

This video previews of one of the four use cases discussed in the AnsibleFest virtual experience Oct 13-14, 2020, with a 30-minute breakout session sponsored by WWT: Using Ansible as a common tool to meet use cases across a diverse IT organization. 

In the breakout session, WWT architects will highlight four automation solutions where Ansible has been leveraged as a common tool to solve diverse problems across a multitude of IT departments and teams. 

SecurityJoel King: Using Ansible, Cisco Tetration and the Pensando PSM Platform to deliver scalable and agentless network security using the Pensando Distributed Services Cards. 

Network OperationsNick Thompson: Leveraging Ansible and pyATS to capture and validate pre and post-change data from Cisco network infrastructure.

Application DeliveryTyler Hatton: Achieve configuration management or infrastructure as code using F5 AS3 and Ansible.

Storage Automation Corey Wanless: Using Ansible to automate end-to-end storage provisioning, including Cisco MDS SAN Zoning, PURE FlashArray host and volume allocation, and VMWare ESX Datastore Provisioning. 

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