Cisco Webex Room USB Unboxing and Review


This is an unboxing video for the new Cisco Webex Room USB endpoint that covers the features and setup of this new device.

Over the past few years there has been a big push for more of the small form-factor conference rooms. These huddle spaces can range from a 2-4 person conference area to an open area collaboration space. There has also been a demand to bring full conferencing capabilities to this space as well. The new Cisco Room USB conference device delivers these capabilities. 
Utilizing the same powerful hardware and form-factor as the Room Kit Mini, the Room USB device is a smart videoconferencing device that allows the user to use their preferred meeting platform. The Room USB provides the user an all-in-one speaker, microphone and smart camera solution which easily mounts to any display. This video will show you the easy setup and advanced features of the Room USB.

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