Reduce your attack surface, limit your exposure

With the explosion of advanced threats and their significant business impact comes the increasing need to reduce the attack surface of network infrastructure. It’s not a matter of if an organization will be subject to network and data breaches but when. Containment of these inevitable breaches relies heavily on an organization’s ability to reduce the attack surface through enterprise segmentation design.

During a World Wide Technology (WWT) Enterprise Segmentation Workshop, our security practice experts will review strategies providing appropriate access restrictions based on several network and identity attributes to limit your risk and exposure.


The WWT Enterprise Segmentation Workshop is a two- to four-hour strategic whiteboard session designed to help participants gain a better understanding of where their organization stands today with their enterprise segmentation requirements using WWT’s three-phase approach. Experts will explore areas such as segmentation models, risk management drivers, dynamic-based network policies, application dependency mapping, data sensitivity and the impact of mobile devices. Attendees gain valuable insights through real-world enterprise segmentation scenarios based on the experiences of our architects.

Enterprise Segmentation


This workshop gives your organization the opportunity to evaluate and strengthen your understanding of how to develop an Enterprise Segmentation strategy. The workshop will define key strategic business and risk drivers for your organization and needs statement for segmentation; review a variety of solutions and a high-level comparison to include best practices; and identify key steps to initiate the Enterprise Segmentation initiative.

View our Enterprise Segmentation Workshop brochure.

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