Server Infrastructure Workshop

3 hours

WWT's Server Infrastructure Workshop is the fastest way to get acquainted with server terminology, market trends, technology solutions and use case alignment. This is a technical workshop designed to go into the finer details of the technology.

What to Expect

This workshop explores the technical aspects of server infrastructure, along with the market players, market trends and use cases alignment for the leading solutions.

  • Server Infrastructure Overview
  • Marketplace Adoption
  • Leading Technology Solutions
  • Common Use Cases
  • Key Server Infrastructure Considerations
  • Recommended Next Steps

Goals & Objectives

  • Collaborate with technology leaders to tailor server infrastructure solutions to your organization's unique requirements.
  • Align with the leading solutions available in the market to optimize infrastructure performance and efficiency.

Server Infrastructure Overview

  • What comprises server infrastructure?
  • Models: rackmount, blade servers, modular servers and composable infrastructure
  • Direction: traditional -> composable infrastructure and individual -> policy-based management

Key Considerations

  • Platform Selection: Evaluate the technical specifications, performance and scalability of different server platforms.
  • Network Architecture: Consider the integration of network architecture and connectivity options for optimal performance.
  • Business and Operational Models: Assess how different server infrastructures can support current and future business models.
  • Infrastructure Management Solutions: Delve into management solutions like Dell OpenManage, HPE OneView and Cisco Intersight to ensure seamless operation.
  • Security and Governance: Implement robust security measures and governance policies to protect data and comply with regulations.
  • Migration Options: Explore strategies for migrating to new server infrastructures with minimal disruption.

Marketplace Adoption

  • Analyze current market trends regarding server infrastructure and adoption rates.
  • Discuss leading solutions available in the market and how they are being adopted by World Wide Technology (WWT) customers.

Leading Technology Solutions

  • Compare the features and benefits of Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), Dell PowerEdge & MX series, HPE ProLiant & Synergy models, and IBM Power.
  • Evaluate different use cases to align the chosen technology solution with specific business needs.

Additional Considerations:

  • Integration with Cloud Services: Discuss how server infrastructures integrate with cloud services like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.
  • Cost Analysis: Provide a detailed cost-benefit analysis for different server infrastructures.
  • Customization and Scalability: Determine how each solution can be customized and scaled to meet growing business needs.
  • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: Consider power consumption and environmental impact of server solutions.



  • Clear understanding of server infrastructure options and the problems they solve
  • Insight into the server infrastructure marketplace: key players and customer adoption
  • Technology solution recommendations based on common use cases
  • Clear next steps to labs, technical workshops and design workshops