Software Test Automation Workshop

12 hours

"I quake in my boots every time I have to make the final go no-go decision for a release."

This is a real quote from a real VP. At WWT, we understand the reality of struggling to determine if a program is ready for release without the help of test automation. The Test Automation Workshop addresses how to tackle your testing challenges within your current environment so you no longer have to struggle. Within the workshop we will gain alignment and build immediate next steps in a high level roadmap of successful test automation. 

This workshop is designed to lead the customer on a journey from their current state through a transformation to a modern test automation strategy that includes best practices in functional and non-functional testing. In addition, we explore how governance, data management and test-automation infrastructure can be matured and leveraged to provide a rapid ROI. Along the way, we'll address other concerns like security, regulatory compliance and employee professional development.

What to Expect

The Test Automation Workshop consists of four 3-hour sessions. In the workshop, participants will collaborate with their own teammates, our Test Automation experts, and workshop facilitators in both large brainstorming discussions and smaller group settings.


  1. Discovery
  2. Diving into Challenges
  3. Taking Action
  4. Roadmapping & Next Steps
  • Articulate testing business requirements and map to current processes and organizational support structure
  • Visualize strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) to a successful testing strategy
  • Align business objectives with customer's needs and define high level epics
  • Build a pragmatic roadmap to achieve the customer's business objectives while maintaining a healthy ROI
  • Deliver a synthesized, actionable final report including the strategic roadmap and tactical next steps

Goals & Objectives

The Test Automation Workshop helps you to start the transition from your current test environment to a modern test automation strategy. With our knowledge of best practices in both functional and non-functional testing, we can mature your test practices while also improving your ROI. Test Automation helps our customers to deploy with confidence and never struggle with the go no-go release decision again.

Who should attend? 

This workshop is designed for senior executives and technical staff interested in learning more about the benefits of test automation. 



  • Strategic road map with tactical first steps for quick ROI
  • Alignment on immediate wins and how to tailor the automated testing services to the customer's objectives
  • Identification and quantification of high impact risks and challenges

Deliverables and Artifacts 

  • Prioritized roadmap that maximizes the business value that is identified and defined in the workshop
  • A report detailing the workshop outcomes, findings and recommendations