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Forbes Finance Council | 16 Smart Steps To Take Now To Help Recession-Proof Your Business

While no one has perfect insight into what may lie ahead, there are steps business leaders can take now to be more strongly positioned should difficult times strike again.

WSJ: How WWT’s Jim Kavanaugh Got the Goal He Wanted

In Personal Board of Directors, top business leaders talk to the Wall Street Journal about the people they turn to for advice, and how those people have shaped their perspective and helped them succeed.

Chairman's Newsletter: December 2020

As 2020 comes to a close, WWT Founder and Chairman Dave Steward shares his thoughts on the business, WWT's legacy and what is inspiring him.

World Wide Technology Hope Lodge Unveiled

Fundraising campaign for American Cancer Society raises $10 million for a new living facility for patients and caregivers.

MANAGING THE FUTURE OF WORK | WWT: IT innovation rooted in diversity and employee wellbeing

Corporate social responsibility and commitment to a local workforce can go hand-in-hand with profitability. World Wide Technology in St. Louis is managing to thrive while dealing head-on with the pandemic and social and racial issues. One of the largest minority-owned businesses in the US, the 30 year-old privately held firm employs more than 6,000. The rare global tech firm based in the Midwest, it boasts a roster of Fortune 100 customers. CEO and co-founder Jim Kavanaugh discusses company’s evolution from value-added reseller to diversified IT firm and its longstanding emphasis on employee wellbeing, diversity, and inclusion.

WWT Hires New D&I Program Manager

In this new position, Shannon Lassen will help drive WWT’s mission to create a sustainable and enhanced culture of inclusion for all.

Executive Insights with Kevin Brown – Episode 5: Reintegration of Systems | Schneider Electric

It's clear that almost all businesses are on an accelerated digital journey. What could we be doing better? What could we be missing? What could be the long-term implications? Schneider Electric explores these questions with executives from across the data center and building industries.

Forbes Finance Council | Nine Surging Fintech Trends To Watch In 2021

From retail and banking to financial advisory services, it appears fintech will continue to transform the economy in the months ahead. Below, nine experts from Forbes Finance Council share the fintech trends they expect will rise in prominence in 2021.

These are the 10 highest-rated CEOs during the coronavirus crisis, according to employee reviews

CNBC: Job searching site Glassdoor created a list of the highest-rated CEOs during Covid-19, using feedback that employees left on its platform between March and July 2020.

Hispanic Heritage Month: Rick Pina's Story

My story is an immigrant story. It’s an American story. To me, it’s part of what makes America the symbol of hope for most of the free world. In this country, anyone can realize the American dream.