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WWT’s technical expertise, relationships with federal clients, labs and top-tier partnerships speed the evaluation and implementation of EVoIP secure communication and collaboration solutions.

January 14, 2019 3 minute read

EVoIP consolidates multiple enterprise-level communication tools—such as phone, video conferencing, email and instant messaging—in a single, secure system resulting in both reduced costs and management requirements.

Develop and maintain secure communication

Enterprise voice over Internet protocol (EVoIP) is redefining the way our largest clients are collaborating.  Another key benefit of EVoIP is the ability to scale easily with an organization’s growth while integrating with critical business applications, such as customer relations management systems, recordkeeping systems and training programs.

World Wide Technology (WWT)’s deep technical expertise, long-time relationships with federal clients and top-tier partnerships with the major technology manufacturers help speed the evaluation, design and implementation of solutions, so your team can quickly and easily deploy new collaboration technologies. Most recently, we helped a Department of Defense (DoD) client deploy a secure hosted/centralized EVoIP collaboration architecture, including a comprehensive infrastructure and services hardening strategy.

This client needed a completely new IP architecture in a distributed environment. At our Advanced Technology Center (ATC), the WWT team tested and validated the selected switches, routers and servers that support the collaboration architecture. And we were able to configure and stage all components at our global Integration Centers during a seamless roll-out, with the migration of users who still worked within the existing environments.

Through the integration of secure network components and the hardening of appliances and application services, WWT was able to successfully mitigate risk and protect our client’s network from cyber threats as they emerged. Secure real-time video, voice, chat and conferencing are now indispensable tools that greatly increase the probability of operational success by simplifying the communications infrastructure and improving data management.

Hardened, layered, end-to-end security

We understand that for many clients security is the top priority. Our solutions help clients achieve network, server and application security through powerful, scalable Intel technology and Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances.

While no individual security measure will completely eliminate attacks, a layered architectural approach can greatly reduce the probability that attacks will succeed. In addition to network, server and application security, WWT deploys collaboration technology using certificate-based encryption for media as well as two-factor identity management for desktop-deployed soft client devices.

Realize outcomes sooner with WWT

As a first step, our team can set up a workshop to completely understand your needs and challenges. Then, armed with those takeaways, we are ready to jump into our ATC with your team to demonstrate, validate and prove solutions, and repeat as necessary until we get it right.

Our ATC is available 24/7 as a highly collaborative environment to design, build, educate, demo and deploy your custom EVoIP solutions. The ATC is an extensive lab environment where your team can explore and evaluate technology options from industry-leading OEMs in real-world simulations. At the ATC, we bring all the pieces together through well-established partnerships with Intel, Dell, HP and Cisco. In fact, Cisco recently named WWT its No. 1 Enterprise and Federal Collaboration Partner.

Together, we can create a multivendor environment where evaluations, proofs of concept and pilots can be tested end to end to handle any challenges on the fly.

We’re ready to help you with an EVoIP solution.

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