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Article written by Christian Gilby, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Juniper Networks. 

It's well-known that 5G wireless WAN (WWAN) is changing the game for distributed enterprise networks – thanks to increased capacity, higher connection speeds and lower latency than legacy solutions. The expected rise in mobile data traffic and the presence of new and improved technology will drive increasingly large counts of devices on enterprise networks like mobile applications, sensors, point of sale terminals, consumer electronics and other IoT devices. As 5G rapidly makes its way into enterprise networks for WAN interconnectivity and data usage soars, it's more important than ever that higher-quality networks and integrated networking solutions with visibility into client to cloud connections are available.

To address this, Juniper Networks and Cradlepoint have partnered to develop an integrated solution that provides end-to-end visibility from the wireless LAN to the wired network and the wireless WAN. The Juniper Mist™ cloud has been enhanced to support Cradlepoint 5G cellular adapters, adding to Juniper's wired, wireless and SD-WAN portfolio of supporting products, enhancing business resiliency and improving the user experience. This integration is now available in the Juniper Mist cloud service.

Benefits of Adding 5G to a Juniper Network Environment

Integrating 5G WWAN into the network topology comes with many benefits, such as diversification of WAN connections, faster time to service and enhanced application performance.

AI-Driven Problem-Solving on the Network

The AI-driven Juniper Mist cloud provides network visibility and proactive network insights and remediations. By leveraging the data attained via Mist AI and Cradlepoint NetCloud™, IT teams receive better end-to-end visibility, assured business continuity and crucial insights to optimize the network experience.

Figure 1. Cradlepoint adapter in the Mist UI as a Cellular Edge.

Pictured: Cradlepoint adapter in the Mist UI as a Cellular Edge.

Faster Time to Service and Day 1 Connectivity

By integrating Cradlepoint 5G WWAN into the Juniper wired and WLAN network deployment, customers can realize faster time to service and Day 1 connectivity, plus enhanced overall performance.

Business Continuity

Modern businesses require 100% uptime. The powerful combination of the Juniper portfolio (Mist AI, Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth LE, wired LAN enterprise switching, SD-WAN, security) and Cradlepoint 5G WWAN connectivity provides an alternative connection failover that delivers improved network agility and makes downtime a thing of the past.

5G Wireless WAN for Primary Network Access 

5G is great for mobile offices, pop-up locations, kiosks and short-term events — places where wired WAN connectivity is not an option. As networks evolve, there will be a great opportunity to solve present use cases and meet the demands of those that will arise when 5G is implemented. 5G WWAN greatly reduces the time for WAN connection delivery and enables new use cases for Juniper's full stack of wired, wireless and SD-WAN solutions. The evolution of 5G will enhance voice, video, AR/VR gaming and operational efficiencies that will impact all major industries such as retail, manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, technologies, energy and utilities.

Seeing is Believing

Integrating Cradlepoint 5G furthers our strategy and commitment on realizing the Juniper Experience First vision, delivering end-to-end AIOps for service providers and enterprises alike.

Pictured: Cellular Edge Events in Juniper Mist Monitoring

Onboarding Cradlepoint Adapters into the Mist Cloud

Cradlepoint products can be onboarded into the Mist cloud in a few simple steps. Note that the following Cradlepoint products are integrated today: W1850, W2005, W2000, W4005, E300 and E3000; additional products will be added over time.

What Does It All Mean?

The integration of Cradlepoint 5G WWAN with Juniper Mist AI-driven enterprise solutions provides business resiliency and continuity, enhances application performance, and creates new business opportunities for emerging mobile use cases. In addition, it provides IT teams better end-to-end visibility and crucial insights for optimizing the network experience.


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