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IT professionals today face an array of challenges and expectations. They must:

  • Manage a diverse fleet of devices and apps, regardless of location or OS working state, that often require multiple management tools and specialized skill sets.
  • Thwart increasingly sophisticated ransomware attacks and other security threats, ideally before they can do serious harm.
  • Extend PC management to an increasingly remote or hybrid workforce that may be located beyond the firewall.

At the same time, IT staff must ensure optimum PC performance for maximum employee productivity and a seamless experience. And, they must address increasingly complex compliance requirements while striving to reach sustainability goals through a minimal carbon footprint.

To answer those challenges, VMware and Intel are introducing a cloud-native integration of their transformative PC management and security solution. This solution will provide the only chip-to-cloud integration of VMware Workspace ONE with Intel vPro® technology, unifying hardware and cloud management for devices both inside and outside the firewall, whether in-band or out-of-band. This revolutionary new solution provides enormous capabilities to manage and secure PCs from the hardware chip to the cloud. 

Integrating leading technologies for improved PC management and security  

As longtime technology allies, VMware and Intel are continually focused on refining joint solutions to maximize performance through integration with complementary offerings. This solution is a culmination of that integration and evolution, by combining two powerful resources:

  • VMware Workspace ONE - a digital workspace platform that delivers and manages in-band device apps by integrating access control, application management, and unified endpoint management (UEM). Recognized as the leading management solution for IT administrators for all devices and operating systems, its cloud-native function automates IT operations across all managed PCs regardless of location on or off the organization network. In 2020 WWT was so impressed with VMware Workspace ONE, we chose it for our own company after running a proof of concept in our Advanced Technology Center (ATC).
  • Intel vPro technology - the world's leading hardware-based manageability and security platform. PCs powered by the Intel vPro platform offer premium performance while enabling security and manageability below the OS, at the silicon level. A key feature of the Intel vPro platform, Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT), helps connect to out-of-band devices beneath the OS, working at the hardware level. And, it allows IT to access keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM) controls for nonfunctioning or powered-down devices. Another hardware security feature built into the Intel vPro platform is Intel® Threat Detection Technology (Intel® TDT), which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor for cyberattacks for increased security performance at the hardware level. With Intel TDT, endpoint security solutions can be alerted to advanced attacks that might elude other detection methods, for fast remediation and proactive safeguards.

Evolving security and management from server-assisted to cloud-native

Originally announced at VMworld in 2021, the first integrations required the installation of a separate server running Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel® EMA) software to remotely configure and securely manage Intel AMT. This integration is unique to VMware and Intel; using a different UEM solution would still require standing up a server, and it would not be integrated with the console.

The new version will be completely cloud-native, no longer requiring Intel EMA and a separate server. And, it will feature the ability to find and enable the Intel AMT capabilities of any Intel vPro-enabled device, allowing IT to connect to out-of-band devices without the need of Intel EMA. These Intel AMT capabilities include remote on/off/wake and remote KVM. The solution combines distinctly different hardware and software into a unified, comprehensive feature set controlled from a single pane of glass. By having one console to monitor, IT teams achieve unparalleled visibility and control over the operating system of any PC running Intel vPro technology regardless of location or OS working state.

This new cloud-native solution is ideal for customers already utilizing VMware Workspace ONE and the Intel vPro platform to truly take advantage of the combined offering.  

Use case examples of the new Workspace ONE and Intel vPro solution

Here are just a few of the ways this new solution can support business and IT:

  • Protect against ransomware – This integrated solution responds to the increasing ransomware threat by empowering IT to boot infected devices to firmware, run remote forensics with KVM control, power them on or off, and take steps to quickly remediate the situation.
  • Perform patching and maintenance – Routine device updates can be difficult when the user is not on the LAN. This solution allows for remote patching and maintenance, which can be scheduled for off-hours to avoid employee disruption, then automatically shut down the PC when finished.
  • Make security more proactive – By integrating device telemetry from Intel into Workspace ONE, IT staff will be better able to perform critical vulnerability and exploit monitoring, not just for software but also for drivers and firmware. The solution will alert customers to endpoint issues they might not have detected otherwise. And when incursions do occur, the recovery capabilities of this solution will make it easier to confine and remediate the problem.
  • Easier remote imaging – Previously a device in need of imaging would have to be sent to a facility for that service, resulting in shipping costs, lost productivity, and user frustration. Workspace ONE and the Intel vPro platform enable booting into BIOS recovery to do a cloud restore, all conducted remotely via KVM.
  • Shrink your carbon footprint to support sustainability – By conducting management, maintenance, monitoring and other tasks remotely, organizations reduce the carbon footprint from in-person travel for hands-on access.
  • Improve the user experience – Because maintenance functions can be performed during off-hours, worker productivity is unimpeded, freeing the user to enjoy optimized performance and peace of mind in knowing critical data and resources are protected.

The result is a uniquely cloud-based managed security solution that's more secure, manageable and robust than any comparable alternative. 

Explore your advantages with chip-to-cloud manageability and security 

This new cloud-native solution demonstrates the power of combining leading edge technologies to advance device management and security. 

As certified VMware Workspace ONE experts with experience implementing numerous VMware and Intel solutions worldwide, WWT can serve as your trusted advisor. Our team can consult, design, evaluate, test, and deploy a VMware Workspace ONE and Intel vPro technology solution for your organization. And, you can experience this technology first-hand in our Advanced Technology Center, WWT's multi-campus R&D ecosystem. We can configure and emulate any client environment to conduct working demos, deep-dive education, proofs of concept, labs and much more.  

Connect our team with yours to learn how you can apply the game-changing security and management capabilities of VMware Workspace ONE and Intel vPro technology in your own organization. 

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