Primary Storage Briefing

1 hour
The primary storage landscape has changed drastically over the last three years. The mass adoption of flash storage, the movement of workloads to the cloud and the emergence of new fabric technologies with NVMe are all trends that are reshaping how we go about selecting primary storage in the data center.


During this briefing, we help customers better understand the landscape of the primary storage industry. We'll review the various products for each one of our mainstream OEMs and highlight the pros and cons of each platform, as well as relate them to their most common use case.  

We can help customers that are about to embark on a technology evaluation process to ensure they include all important factors as part of that process, including fabric connectivity. We can also provide them with an overview of the various Storage as-a-Service (STaaS) models from various OEMs.

The list of manufacturers covered during this session include:

  • Dell Technologies
  • NetApp
  • Pure Storage
  • HPE
  • Hitachi Vantara
  • IBM

Customers interested in better understanding offerings from other nascent storage manufacturers can also request, as part of the agenda, an overview of the emerging manufacturers. WWT also keeps a strong relationship with emerging storage manufacturers to understand the up and coming trends in the market.