NetApp Cloud Insights

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Solution Overview
NetApp Cloud Insights is a service based management tool that provides visibility over your entire infrastructure on-premises, in the cloud or both. Troubleshoot, monitor and optimize the resources consumed within your infrastructure.

Cloud Insights allows users to create custom dashboards to monitor and trend any aspect of their infrastructure including CPU, memory, network utilization, IOPS, space consumption and more. Cloud Insights can also provide visibility into the inter-connectivity of the the components in your infrastructure by providing topology views of any component of your infrastructure.

Goals & Objectives

In this lab, you will be able to access the Cloud Insights instance we use to monitor both AWS resources and on-premise equipment. You will be able to review:

  • Existing packaged monitoring dashboards
  • View how to add new data sources
  • Create new dashboards to correlate metrics with one another
  • Look at topology maps for infrastructure components
  • View existing and create new annotations
  • Look at resource utilization across resource groups

Hardware & Software

AWS based Cloud Insights instance; Data Collectors and metrics for

  • VMware vSphere (NetApp HCI)
  • NetApp AFF A300
  • NetApp StorageGRID
  • NetApp SolidFire
  • NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP
  • EC2 instances
  • EBS storage
  • Azure compute
  • GCE
  • Kubernetes