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Solution overview

NetApp Cloud Insights is a service-based analytics platform that provides visibility over your infrastructure, on-premises and in the cloud. Troubleshoot, monitor, and optimize the resources consumed within your infrastructure.

Cloud Insights allows users to create custom dashboards to monitor and trend any aspect of their infrastructure including CPU, memory, storage network utilization, IOPS, capacity utilization, and more. Cloud Insights can also provide visibility into the inter-connectivity of the components in your infrastructure by providing topology views of any component of your infrastructure.

Use Cases

Cloud Insights is a Software-as-a-Service only subscription that adds enterprise monitoring and analytics for various use cases including:

  • Heterogeneous visibility of storage, hypervisor, VM, container, and application metrics
  • Cost savings and infrastructure right-sizing
  • Realtime performance analytics and alerting
  • Historical performance and capacity trending
  • Cloud cost control
  • Cloud migrations
  • IT chargeback / showback


  • Service-based analytics platform managed by NetApp
  • Monitoring of infrastructure across a variety of vendors and cloud service providers
  • Standardized data analytics across on-premises, co-located, and cloud environments
  • Real-time dashboards for time series metrics
  • Resource utilization insights to reduce costs
  • Kubernetes health and topology
  • Alerting based on performance and capacity thresholds
  • Custom reports
  • User data access auditing
  • AI/ML-based insider threat detection
  • ActiveIQ integration for predictive analytics and remediation recommendations


Realtime Dashboards

cloud analytics
Cloud analytics


reclamation report
Reclamation report


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