One partner for end-to-end M&A services delivery

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions

A comprehensive one-stop-shop for divesting, acquiring and merging companies who need to complete IT integrations or separations on time.

Our M&A specialists integrate with your teams to deliver cross-discipline advisory and delivery services that ensure even the most complex and expedited transactions are completed on time. 

We support companies at all stages, experience levels and roles of the M&A and divestiture process.


Benefits and value:

100% on-time delivery of key M&A business outcomes

Advisory guidance on best practices, roadmap creation and decision-making support

End-to-end, in-house strategy and execution planning services

Hands-on engineering delivery services with seamless transition to service operations

Comprehensive program governance and cross-team dependency management

Global supply chain and configuration lab services to simplify on-site installs

Visualize and prove out migrations and technology integrations before deployment

OEM partnerships that streamline decision-making, testing and troubleshooting

Who we are

With a diversity of skill sets and unparalleled reach-back to supply chain, integration and lab services, WWT provides comprehensive M&A services unlike any other service provider.

Our cross-practice team is composed of technology, consulting, engineering, program management, supply chain, operations and delivery experts specializing in complex program and M&A services. Battle-hardened and committed to achieving outcomes on time, our team is backed by WWT’s breadth of expertise across nearly all IT disciplines and enterprise-grade technologies.

Our proven delivery approach, tailored by industry, is designed to overcome common M&A challenges and deliver business outcomes on time. We pair business acumen, problem solving and advanced communication capabilities with experienced management drive and discipline to ensure proper program oversight and mechanics.

End-to-end M&A capabilities

The right M&A expertise can accelerate delivery and help avoid common pitfalls. Customers trust WWT to optimize delivery and operational costs through strong advisory services, delivery management and industry-tailored best practices.

M&A Capabilities

M&A Readiness Planning

Whether it's evaluating readiness for a future transaction, performing due diligence for pending/cleared transactions, or executing plans for integration or separation, WWT can add value at any phase of your M&A or divestiture.

Our consulting and business specialists are adept at deriving critical information and insights throughout the process. And our hands-on delivery experts generate actionable plans designed to deliver immediate value.


  • Readiness evaluation & preparation
  • IT due diligence
  • Strategic planning for integration or separation
  • Execution planning for integration or separation
  • Expertise across all types of M&A transactions (e.g., TSAs, carveout factories and big bangs)
M&A IT Expansion & Consolidation

Our M&A experts help forecast IT needs, then design, build and execute tailored expansion or consolidation initiatives. Robust IT rationalization services help map applications and other dependencies around assets, core services, technical debt, staffing, workload hosting and services management.

Our ATC innovation ecosystem streamlines decision-making by allowing you to easily experiment, test, explore, pilot, compare and prepare solutions — all without impacting your environment.


  • IT design & planning for expansion/consolidation
  • IT build & integration for expansion/consolidation
  • IT rationalization
  • ATC lab services (product comparisons, upgrades/migrations, architecture validation, performance and functionality optimization)
M&A Migrations

We conduct all forms of migration and integration activities across your IT infrastructure, end users, applications and data. This is true for large headquarters, remote commercial operations, branch locations and regulated environments (including manufacturing and R&D) — all at local and global levels.

All migrations are backed by global supply chain and integration services, a strong partner network, and a proven management and governance model.


  • Network and infrastructure migrations
  • Identity and tenant migrations
  • End-user and workplace migrations
  • Application and data migrations
  • Global supply chain deployment
M&A Integration & Optimization

It is imperative to strategically optimize and effectively integrate IT systems if you want to realize the synergies from merging or separating technology environments.

Our IT optimization evaluations and strategic services (both pre- and post-M&A) focus on right-sizing infrastructure, systems and applications. We can also execute optimization strategies and services to support the integration of new or modified IT operations and digital platforms.


  • IT optimization strategy development
  • Operations integration services
  • Digital integration services
  • Enterprise architecture integration services
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