We help customers realize the full potential of private clouds by helping them evaluate, deploy and automate infrastructure solutions that can deliver the benefits of public cloud services on premises.

NetApp & WWT: Private Cloud Solutions

NetApp Private Cloud Solutions

NetApp Solutions

We provide a range of NetApp solutions to support our customers' private cloud needs:


The world's most broadly adopted converged infrastructure solution, based on Cisco UCS and NetApp storage, helps customers deliver private cloud capabilities with familiar hardware and predictable performance and scalability using VMware or Kubernetes.


Designed for scalability, flexibility and automatability, SolidFire is a widely adopted VMware and Kubernetes integrated storage platform that serves as a foundation for private cloud infrastructures.


Together, NetApp and Ansible have made it easy to automate cloud provisioning, application deployment, configuration management and orchestration -- all from one system. 

Why WWT for NetApp Solutions



NetApp Cloud Manager Lab

Cloud Manager provides IT experts and cloud architects with a centralized control plane to manage, monitor and automate data in hybrid-cloud environments, providing an integrated experience of NetApp's Cloud Data Services.

NetApp Ansible Automation Lab

Learn to automate NetApp ONTAP and NetApp Solidfire using Ansible and Red Hat Ansible Tower. This lab provides an overview of Ansible and dives into Ansible Tower to understand how they work together to simplify automation for NetApp storage solutions.
Lab Primary Storage

NetApp ONTAP on Flash

Unify data management across flash, disk and cloud to simplify your storage environment. Transition to NetApp ONTAP 9.

NetApp ONTAP Select SDS Lab

Deploy NetApp ONTAP Your Way Build a software-defined storage infrastructure using flexible storage configurations ONTAP Select converts a server's internal disk drives, SSD or HDD, as well as HCI and external array storage into an agile, flexible storage platform with many of the same benefits that dedicated storage systems based on NetApp ONTAP offer. You can deploy ONTAP Select on new servers or on your existing server infrastructure for added flexibility. ONTAP Select is simple to manage and leverages the same management software of ONTAP based solutions, so you can reduce operational overhead and training requirements.

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