Putting applications at the center of your cloud journey

The role of technology in the enterprise is undergoing an evolution – it no longer just supports the core business, it IS the core business. As a result, the business is placing a new set of demands on IT that require increased agility and flexibility to deliver the best possible solutions for customers. As IT’s role becomes more and more strategic, customers look to cloud as a way of becoming more agile to address this demand.

The Cloud practice at WWT takes an application-centric approach to the discipline. We believe that a customer’s cloud journey starts with choosing the right applications to build or migrate to the cloud based on the business value that will be realized by doing so, and then architecting the environment accordingly. As a result, our practice focuses as much on the organizational change aspects of a cloud implementation as the technological ones.

WWT’s business outcome-focused approach, leveraging our expertise with a variety of hybrid cloud vendors, security, software development and big data provides our customers with a trusted resource to map their journey to the cloud.

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