State & Local Government

Technology to power the people

Smart IT investments help state and local government agencies save money, improve efficiency and effectiveness of their operations and provide enhanced security. We have 20 years of experience helping agencies innovate through automation of manual processes, consolidation of redundant systems, optimization of applications and resources, and enabling collaboration through unified communications.

Our experience spans a variety of agency functions and missions, including Transportation, Social Services, Public Safety, Administration and Information Technology. We are adept at finding the right solutions given budget constraints and understanding the desired outcomes our customers seek.

Leveraging WWT’s Advanced Technology Center (ATC), we can build a proof of concept for a range of IT solutions—data center, cloud, mobility, collaboration, security, advanced analytics—to demonstrate the return on investment before any POs are cut.

State and local government agencies must maintain the delicate balance between budget restrictions and the growing demands for IT services. As a result, IT teams in the public sector are often forced to make difficult choices to demonstrate financial responsibility, while delivering all of the services the public needs. To accomplish their goals, government agencies need powerful and cost-effective IT solutions, with the flexibility to scale their environments easily and efficiently.

Foundational Infrastructure

More than most organizations, government agencies rely on underlying technology infrastructure to operate effectively and deliver services for internal customers and citizenry at large. We provide state and local governments around the country with everything from Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions to help consolidate and centralize phone systems to back-up tactical networks and response notification systems to keep government agencies functioning in emergency situations.

In addition to providing whatever physical solutions you need, we maintain close contact with our government customers to ensure that the solutions are delivered and installed as expected and supported into the future.

Guidance and Analysis

We’re not only experts in the technology solutions we sell; we explore the full range of crucial questions and concerns specific to each customer to provide an informed set of recommendation, and often at cost. Our advisory teams can work with you to understand and define the technology challenges that need to be overcome to provide a truly integrated, secure, and cost effective solution set.

In addition to our lab demonstration services, we can provide reference architectures and organizational roadmaps tailored to meet your state or local governmental technology goals. These road maps help governmental organizations adopt near- and long-term plans to bring their capabilities up to speed and drive innovation for the future.

Security Solutions

Technology alone doesn’t create safe communities, but it can help. We offer security solutions that offer robust protection for your systems and people who trust their information will be secure. Whether it is enhancing security architectures and operations or building up security solutions for mobile devices, cloud, data center or your networks, we have the experience to ensure it gets done right.

WWT can also help enhance communities’ safety while reducing liability exposure with physical security solutions designed to protect assets, prevent perimeter breaches and collect evidence. We can connect you to physical security solutions such as access control, networked video surveillance, and more.

Connected Communities

We help create human-centered communities and connected environments where everything from the utilities and buildings to the sidewalks and stoplights are “smarter.” As Cisco’s largest IoT partner, we can bring next generation “Smart” initiatives to life through connected workspaces and smart lighting, traffic, streets and more.

Even incremental steps can dramatically improve the quality of life in your communities. Whether it is an app to connect your residents to transportation information or a large public networking rollout, we can help.

Contract Vehicles

WWT can help consolidate your contracts and deliver everything you need in one solution to lower your total cost. We hold more than 130 procurement contract vehicles in 27 states. Our contract vehicles save money and simplify the entire IT procurement process for state and local government agencies, cities, counties, and public educational institutions.