Cloud Strategy

Today's applications need to be accessible on-demand through self-service workflows. The highly elastic capabilities of modern, private and public cloud platforms make this possible. We help organizations craft a strategic vision for their business-critical applications.

The value of cloud transcends IT

Cloud is more than a single technology. It is evolving the entire IT and business landscape. But because cloud touches so many elements of the business — from applications to infrastructure to security to data management to consumption models and cost management — organizations who don't establish a solid strategy risk setbacks and organizational frustration when trying to extract the full benefits of cloud computing.

WWT can help you create a well-rationalized cloud vision and strategy to help you secure applications, reduce time to market and enable ongoing innovation.

How do I get started?

Unravel the complexities of where best to place your applications and data, whether it be on premises, off premises or in multiple public clouds. With our decades of data center experience and long-standing relationships with top partners, we help organizations rapidly design, implement, manage and evolve multicloud architectures end to end, accelerating your time to market. 
When planning and delivering your cloud strategy, take advantage of our independent, third-party perspective. Start with a discovery meeting to determine your multicloud needs and discuss use cases and cloud industry trends. 
We lead strategy development by partnering with you to develop specific application architectures and processes for cloud initiatives. This includes advising on leading OEM technologies, processes, public cloud providers and market trends. 

Overview sessions and technical assessments with key stakeholders focus on your existing strategy. Hands-on access to lab environments inside our Advanced Technology Center allow you to experience solution design firsthand. 
Our implementation services cover the full range of deployment, from planning to integration and adoption. Working with our IT experts and professional services teams, you can quickly and easily deploy repeatable infrastructure across your cloud workloads. 

We also can augment your company’s cloud team with any of our highly experienced architects, ensuring full knowledge transfer to ease management and troubleshooting. 
Ongoing operation is key to an effective cloud strategy. 

Your IT operations team can leverage WWT’s internal staff, as well as our partnerships, to execute any cloud deliverable. Harden disaster recovery strategy, conduct advanced data analytics and increase IT innovation with experts from one of our many other focus areas.
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