Enterprise Segmentation

Enterprise segmentation divides your organization's network into zones and implements security controls to limit unauthorized lateral movement between them. Improve data protection, achieve services assurance and create integrated architectures, all while meeting complex regulatory and compliance requirements.

Achieving successful segmentation

Enterprise IT environments designed as flat networks are inherently exposed to increased security risks. But businesses making the smart transition to modern, highly secure segmented networks will face significant technical challenges.​ Our phased approach to enterprise segmentation can help you evaluate business relevance, improve environment visibility, develop technical designs and strategies to overcome common challenges, research implementation considerations and integrate and optimize your investment.

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How do I get started?

With significant confusion in the industry around segmentation solutions, selecting the right tools, products and integrations can be a barrier to success. No matter where you are in your journey — if you're planning a segmentation effort or in the midst of one — our methodology is designed to help you achieve quick wins and develop long-term strategies that are agile and scalable.
Whether you need help solidifying your segmentation business case, assessing the risks and maturity of your current approach or building and executing a plan to fill gaps — we can help. Our services range from briefings, assessments and workshops to long-term consulting and technical engagements. We'll get you up to speed on the basics of segmentation architecture evaluation and design.
Our incremental approach starts by helping you identify, determine and develop the proper foundation of an effective segmentation architecture. Our technical design experts then help you identify and build a framework that ultimately leads to solution consideration and selection. A strategic roadmap will identify the key activities and stakeholders required for successful down-phase implementation.
Solution implementation is the next step in our approach. Companies often struggle to implement segmentation for several reasons — the main one being complexity from the limitless number of technical variables present in brownfield environments. Our experts can help simplify this complexity by developing low-level designs and executing on plans developed in prior phases.
A properly segmented environment limits access by restricting lateral movement, affording your enterprise a higher level of protection. Once you've implemented your segmentation plan, our experts can help you operationalize, automate, monitor and manage your investment in a way that is agile and scalable.

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