Remote Work Training for Team Members

4 hours
This training course is designed for employees who are the backbone of the business. The ideal class size should have no more than twenty people and each team should have their own session.

What to Expect

Learn from other experienced team members that have successfully worked remotely for many years.

  • Understand how to believe that virtual teams are successful
  • Design working kanban board
  • Create and refine team working agreements
  • Gain knowledge of tools and techniques for enabling effective remote collaboration

Goals & Objectives

Changing from a normal, everyday office environment to the remote team member of a virtual office can be daunting, but also very exciting. After some minor adjustments and little coaching, the skills learned here will provide just as much efficiency as the in-office experience, if not more.

  • Lead by a remote workforce leader/coach
  • Understanding how to believe that virtual teams are successful
  • Provide understanding on why working agreements are important
  • Q & A and pain points
  • Creation of weekly touch point meetings for success and retrospectives to ensure continued success