Remote Workforce Enablement Training for Executives

2 hours
This training is for executives who want to leverage their remote workforce for competitive advantage to increase profitability, lower costs and maximize employee happiness. Learn how to forge high performing remote teams while preserving your organizational culture and fostering support and collaboration. This was created for traditional or agile organizations looking to migrate some or all of their departments into a fully remote environment.

What to Expect

Learn how companies thrive with a remote workforce by increasing performance and profitability while reducing overhead costs.

  • Apply the principles of effective remote collaboration techniques
  • Build foundations for creating and supporting highly effective teams
  • Create a roadmap for working on a remote team
  • Become aware of risks and mitigation for common pitfalls due to the transition
  • Gain knowledge of tools and techniques for enabling effective remote collaboration

Goals & Objectives

During this training session you will learn to solve many common issues that can occur because of a newly adopted virtual office environment. You will also learn how to improve processes and establish specific goals such as:

  • Grow and improve the organization while evolving and expanding into the virtual space
  • Leverage technical advancements and the unique qualities of a remote workforce to forge high performing teams
  • Learning from and planning from COVID-19 and using the remote workforce to come out stronger and better than before 
  • Establish the framework for reasoning about highly effective remote collaboration 
  • Explore the art of the possible for ad hoc and planned remote interactions
  • Create a roadmap that is tailored to the specific needs of your organization