Remote Workforce Management Training

4 hours
This training is for managers or other leaders who are interested in learning the tools and techniques used to support and manage remote teams. It will provide tactical skills as well as reassurance that you have a successful remote workforce.

What to Expect

Learn the importance of risk management, mental health and social health.

  • Create a roadmap for working on a remote team
  • Participate in breakout sessions with team exercises
  • Learn tools and techniques used to manage and support remote teams
  • Create a workplace and team environment
  • Communicate across leadership, teams and direct management

Goals & Objectives

There are many details that encompass the successful management of a remote team. This session provides an overview, explanations and exercises to provide clarity and support for your team around:

  • Discovering what that means for them and helping solve issues through collaboration
  • What makes the team a virtual office vs a bunch of remote workers
  • Creating the workplace and team environment
  • Collaboration
  • Support
  • Communication
  • Explaining and conducting breakout sessions with team exercises
  • Debrief to larger group on breakout conversations