High-Performing Remote Team Workshop for Executives

4 hours

This customizable, interactive workshop is for executives who want to leverage their remote workforce for a competitive advantage to increase profitability, lower costs and maximize employee happiness. Learn how to forge high performing remote teams while preserving your organizational culture, providing effective support and fostering high-performance collaboration.  

This is for organizations looking to expand some or all of their departments into a remote environment. Participants will explore the powerful concept of a virtual office within their own organization.

  • Duration – flexible, up to 4 hrs
  • 10 people max per remote session 

What to Expect

Learn how companies thrive with a remote workforce through the powerful concept of a virtual office. This is an interactive and collaborative session with instructors teaching from experience. Who better to learn from than people who work in a virtual office? 

  • Learn how to leverage virtual teams to increase productivity, performance, engagement, retention and profitability.
  • Create a roadmap for success with remote teams.
  • Harness the power of interactive real-time collaboration.
  • Build foundations for creating and supporting highly effective teams.
  • Identify risks and mitigations for common challenges of the transition.
  • Maintain culture and identity.

Goals & Objectives

During this workshop you will learn to solve many common issues that can occur during an expansion into and within a newly adopted virtual office environment. You will also learn how to improve processes and establish specific goals such as:

  • Grow and improve the organization while evolving and expanding into the virtual office.
  • Identify techniques and processes for increasing productivity and/or reducing costs.
  • Leverage technical advancements and the unique qualities of a remote workforce to forge high performing teams.
  • Learning from and planning from COVID-19 and using the remote workforce to come out stronger and better than before.
  • Establish the framework for reasoning about highly effective remote collaboration.
  • Explore the art of the possible for ad hoc and planned remote interactions.
  • Create a roadmap that is tailored to the specific needs of your organization.