Enable “develop once, deploy anywhere” while making cost-effective use of your cloud resources

Executive Overview

Cloud is confusing to many organizations. Public, private, hybrid and multicloud — everyone seems to have a different definition. Hybrid cloud, in particular, has earned a stigma for never quite delivering on its promise.

Hybrid cloud offers a vision of applications running wherever they provide the most value, while also meeting business requirements. Regulations may require data on-prem or within a certain region. Limited bandwidth or connectivity may require a real-time application to run within a remote site, while sending data back for further analysis. A busy shopping season may require additional capacity that would lay dormant the rest of the year. Hybrid cloud allows organizations to address all of these requirements while making the most cost-effective use of their available resources, allowing developers to “develop once, deploy anywhere.”

Hybrid cloud is an emerging market space, populated by solutions aiming to make that vision a reality. This workshop will introduce hybrid cloud platforms and find how they fit into your organization’s cloud strategy.


  • Understand how hybrid fits with your organization’s cloud landscape and strategy
  • Review the hybrid cloud platform technology landscape
  • Outline a plan for evaluating hybrid cloud platforms

Work with WWT Experts

Create a single strategy for addressing developer needs:

  • A single, consistent platform across public and private
  • Rapid, cost-effective test/dev environments
  • Application migration or modernization

Identify opportunities to improve operator ability to react to business needs:

  • Support data locality regulations and policy
  • Optimize costs across public and private cloud
  • Address bandwidth or connectivity limitations while providing consistent services
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