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WWT's VMware Dedicated Team

WWT and VMware work together to help you accelerate your digital transformation journey. By combining WWT’s IT consulting, solutions and other services with VMware’s technology platforms, we develop the flexible, scalable, and secure solutions you need to achieve your business ambitions. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your success with any VMware solution. Contact us today to start your journey towards achieving business outcomes!

WWT's VMware Regional Sales Leadership Team

Burt Crosby

Commerical WestCONNECT With burt

Ryan Mahoney

Commercial CentralCONNECT with ryan

Jeff LaPorta

Commercial NortheastCONNECT With JEFF


Danny Winton

Commerical SoutheastCONnECT with danny

Colin Marks

Public SectorCoNNECT with colin

WWT's VMware Consulting Solutions Architects

David Marotta

Commercial EastCONNECT with david

Josh Garrett

Commercial CentralCONNECT with josh

Henry Villegas

CONNECT with henryCommercial Central

Benjamin Hinkle

Commercial WestCONNECT with benjamin

Matthew Whitaker

Commercial WestConnECT WITH MATTHEW

Wissam Mahmassani

Global Service ProvderCONNECT WITH WISSAM

Brian Recore

Department of DefenseCONNECT WITH Brian 

WWT's VMware Corporate Resources

Scott Miller

Executive Sponsorconnect with scott

Robert Dunn

Global Partner Managerconnect with robert

Hank Belz

Partner Marketing Managerconnect with hank 

Daniel Curran

Business Development Managerconnect with daniel