Contact Center Artificial Intelligence Assessment

WWT offers a comprehensive examination of AI technologies aimed at optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of contact center operations, involving various key components to enhance the overall performance of the contact center. Including speech recognition, chatbots, virtual assistants, natural language processing, automation of routine tasks, and analytics. The result is a road map and recommendations for the enhancement or implementation of specific AI technologies that best fit the organization's requirements.

What to Expect

WWT Contact Center Advisory and Professional Services assess the most meaningful ways to take advantage of AI in the Contact Center. Evaluating the benefits of voice-enabled routing, self-service, agent assist, and automated reason for call capture, to create a complete solution to improve agent and customer experience.

Six-to–eight week engagement depending on project complexity 

  • Detailed evaluation of current state of customer experience through menus
  • Design voice-driven IVR including voice enabled workbook, allowing customers to speak the reason for a call and either access self-service options or be routed to an agent.
  • Identify quick wins to optimize current capabilities


Customer operations teams working to drive quality experience and customer satisfaction while meeting strategic and operational objectives

Those challenges include:

  • Delivering calls quickly to agents, without customers having to suffer through prompts and long menus. 
  • Providing customers with the ability to get account updates, and transactional information, and handle transactions through self-service without engaging an agent.   
  • Providing customer service team members with screen pops of dynamic and personalized customer information when calls, chats, emails, text messages, or social media messages arrive to their desktop.  
  • Empowering agents with step-by-step personalized approach to each customer based on the intent of the customer.


Goals & Objectives

  • Understand key business objectives and targeted business outcomes.
  • Evaluate current state capabilities
  • Identify process improvement opportunities.
  • Create roadmap and recommendations for success for one or multiple applications.


Deliverables include (dependent on defined workstream): 

  • Self-Service and Agent Enablement Options
  • Business process mapping IVR.
  • Business Workflow and CX opportunities
  • Delivery of recommendations and roadmap to leadership to drive outcomes.
  • Knowledge Transfer of solution requirements to service delivery team.

Who should attend?

CX and Contact Center Leaders, Chief Experience Officers (CXO), CIOs, CTOs, COOs, IT VPs, and Marketing and Line of Business Owners. Anyone with a material interest and responsibility for delivering digital innovation in the realm of customer engagement and contact center operations customer experience that exceeds expectations.

What's next?

Contact us to discuss or schedule any of the following:

  • Customer Service Engagement Workshop Discussion
  • Supportive Technologies (Customer Analytics/Reporting/WFM/Quality Management) Assessment
  • Migration Assessment
  • Strategic Platform Assessment


  • Optimize call routing 
  • Improve service levels
  • Drive Self Service 
  • Reduce time and agent effort
  • Increase customer and agent satisfaction