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The world of IT is constantly evolving, as new and different technologies are introduced to support business, customer and IT needs. Applications are a critical and growing aspect of that transformation, adding new layers of complexity to data center management. 

For example, most enterprise organizations possess millions of lines of existing code that must be organized, updated, maintained and secured to provide the applications that drive modern business. It's easy to understand how even data center professionals might feel daunted by the knowledge requirements of today's application management solutions.

The challenge lies in simplifying the way they manage ever-growing workloads while continuing to increase productivity and enhance customer experiences. As more organizations move to containers as a way to implement applications as microservices, they're employing Kubernetes , the open source project for orchestrating containers at scale. Although it's designed to manage and operate microservices-based applications more efficiently, Kubernetes itself can be complex, requiring specialized expertise.

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To address those challenges, World Wide Technology (WWT) partner VMware introduced its Tanzu portfolio, a curated suite of products to help build, run and manage modern apps and multiple Kubernetes clusters across a range of public and private cloud models. That portfolio is highly robust and continually growing. And while its benefits are numerous, its learning curve can be confusing and complex.

Now, VMware and WWT have simplified the Tanzu portfolio for customers by selecting WWT to receive unique, specialized training – essentially making WWT an extension of the VMware Tanzu expert team. 

VMware Tanzu offers robust software options that work together as one

A key advantage of the VMware Tanzu approach is that customers can choose and license exactly the elements they need from a diverse portfolio of software options. Instead of spending excessive time managing a patchwork of software from different sources, with no guarantee that it will interoperate, VMware Tanzu delivers it all under a common umbrella, providing confidence that everything will work together seamlessly as a cohesive unit from a single-source vendor.

VMware Tanzu Siap Modernisasi Aplikasi dengan Cepat

VMware Tanzu helps accelerate production through a modern software supply chain of services, frameworks and validated open source technology. Simplified multi-cloud operations prepare the infrastructure to run modern apps, with centralized management for clouds, clusters and applications.

Here's how it works: microservices in containers controlled via Kubernetes help to untether applications from infrastructure, enabling them to work independently and run anywhere. VMware Tanzu enables users to derive more from cloud-native patterns, automate the secure delivery of containerized workloads, and proactively manage applications in production.

The result is full-stack modernization that:

  • Enables development and operations teams to collaborate in novel ways for speedier release cycles and transformative business results.
  • Transforms teams and applications while simplifying operations of software across a multi-cloud infrastructure.
  • Speeds productivity, helping developers get the resources they need.
  • Delivers greater operational agility.

VMware brings WWT into its specialized Tanzu expert team 

While VMware Tanzu tools can reduce the complexity of Kubernetes management, mastering those tools to derive their full

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benefits can present its own formidable learning curve. In addition, the broad portfolio of open source is constantly evolving with ever-changing names and capabilities.

To help customers achieve that proficiency, VMware has entered into a first-of-its-kind relationship with WWT to provide specialized training in all things Tanzu, effectively becoming VMware's in-depth experts. This WWT-VMware partnership offers customers a rare technology resource: a team with a deep understanding not only of containerization and Kubernetes, but also of VMware Tanzu itself. What's more, WWT has direct access to the creators of Tanzu, as well as other VMware resources, to glean the critical knowledge and insights necessary to support real-world use cases.

WWT and VMware Tanzu experts will work together on all phases of a successful implementation – from planning through ongoing operations, coaching, mentoring, and workflow management – working toward the ultimate benefits of increased velocity, product quality and performance. This will enable WWT and VMware to offer enhanced support for customers who are ready to embrace consolidated management through a robust and evolving product portfolio – or are curious about how it can fit into their organization.

Learn how businesses of every size can benefit from VMware Tanzu

VMware Tanzu offers an array of advantages for organizations wanting to explore microservices, containers and Kubernetes but are unsure where to start. Installation is the easy part; putting VMware Tanzu to work for maximum impact is where WWT provides continued value, bridging the business and application goals so that customers can understand their options to make informed decisions.

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The specialized training expertise of WWT can be of special benefit not only to large organizations with large-scale implementation needs, but also to smaller businesses that might benefit from relatively fewer portfolio offerings. WWT can educate customers on the VMware Tanzu portfolio and relevant offerings, discuss the pros and cons of different options, and guide them through every step as they transform to a modern application shop.

Contact WWT for a complimentary assessment, speak with a WWT VMware Tanzu specialist, or schedule a Tanzu lab in WWT's Advanced Technology Center (ATC).