IT solutions that drive academic and organizational success

Better IT solutions can help educational organizations maximize resources and save costs while improving students’ success and experience. Whether it be a high-speed, campus-wide Wi-Fi network with waypoint awareness and an integrated mobile app or simply a suite of laptops or tablets to fulfill a one-to-one initiative, we can help you provide the tools and infrastructure needed to help your students succeed.

We can provide educators and institutions with solutions ranging from remote learning and collaboration to data analytics solutions targeting student matriculation and academic success. We also provide network and physical security solutions to ensure the safety and security of your students and staff.

We have helped many institutions realize their goals through technology, and we recognize the best path toward student and organizational success can vary widely depending on the school, district, college or university. We take time to study the current IT challenges your organization faces and propose custom solutions to fit those needs.

Solutions For K-12

We understand the implementation of K-12 technology is changing all the time. From new state testing standards such as Common Core, one-to-one initiatives, and other changes in the classroom, schools and districts face constantly evolving technology needs. Regardless of the size of your school or district, we can help tailor IT solutions to support and enable your students’ success.

As technology becomes increasingly important in life and in the workplace, students’ early exposure and access to technology resources becomes essential. We can equip your school or district with laptops, tablets and next-generation networks to support expanded online testing and digital learning initiatives.  We partner with major technology companies to deliver education solutions that create media-rich opportunities for effective collaboration and distance learning in a classroom environment.

We know that student safety is paramount. We can advise and connect you to solutions ranging from access control, asset tracking, cameras, information security and identity management, in addition to experience-enhancing solutions like single sign-on for students and staff.

Solutions for Higher Education

As higher education changes, so too does the need for technology innovation. We can help you keep pace to support a strong student experience and foster collaborative learning, all while lowering costs for equipment and reducing the workload for staff. From reliable, high-speed networks across your entire campus to setting up collaboration centers and new content delivery mechanisms, we have the experts and resources to help meet your goals.

The explosion of devices on campus can stress your wireless infrastructure and increasing demands on your mobility services. We provide support for mobility initiatives including advising policies around mobile device management (MDM), security and custom app development, in addition to enterprise call wireless infrastructures.

The push for more technology resources is driven by student expectations as well as student needs. We help educational institutions prove out and implement next-generation classroom technology to improve the student experience and save costs though better data gathering and analytics. By providing solutions like telepresence, custom mobile apps and “smart” classrooms, we can help you enhance the student experience by reaching out to students in ways that makes sense to them.

Funding Opportunities and E-Rate

We help with both the technology and the means to get it; we hold dozens of procurement contract vehicles in states across the country. Our state contract vehicles save money and simplify the entire IT procurement process for K–12 school districts and higher education institutions alike.

In the K-12 space, we have extensive experience helping schools and libraries use E-Rate to overcome budget or funding shortfalls and provide students with the connectivity and technology they require to thrive in today’s fast-paced learning environments. WWT offers E-Rate eligible Category 1 and Category 2 solutions and services within telecommunications, Internet access services, internal connections and basic maintenance.

In higher education, we can help identify potential sources of funding for technology solutions and innovation. We partner with organizations to match higher education grants and other funding sources from the government and nonprofits.