Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP Lab

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Solution Overview

Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP (FSx for ONTAP) is managed file and block storage service that provides advanced cloud data management capabilities and flexibility. FSx for ONTAP offers architecture flexibility as customers develop their true data fabric and venture on their cloud journey.

Based on the industry-leading storage management software, ONTAP, this cloud-native AWS service offers direct integration into almost all AWS services by default.

This is a perfect service for existing NetApp ONTAP users to journey into the cloud, and for cloud-born users to gain more flexibility over their AWS storage operations with the full complement of NetApp data management capabilities.

NetApp Cloud Manager, the centralized control portal for all NetApp cloud-based services unlocks additional features to manage data across different on-premises and cloud environments. Plus, this service can also be managed via AWS Console and CLI, ONTAP CLI, or AWS and ONTAP REST APIs. This lab will focus on managing this service directly inside of the NetApp Cloud Manager.

FSx for ONTAP features:

  • Multiprotocol (NFS, SMB, and iSCSI) support
  • Multi-AZ availability
  • Built-in data protection processes
  • Storage efficiencies, including tiering
  • High performance and low latency
  • Data migration and replication with SnapMirror®
  • Instant data clone copies with FlexClone®
  • FlexCache support for cloud bursting workloads

Goals & Objectives

This lab covers the features and functionality of Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP and NetApp Cloud Manager by providing an environment with on-premises NetApp FAS in WWT's Advanced Technology Center, NetApp AFF in Equinix DC11 (Ashburn, VA) and pre-deployed instances of FSx for ONTAP, Cloud Volumes ONTAP and Cloud Tiering inside AWS. You will familiarize yourself with the following NetApp Cloud Data Services:

  • Cloud Manager
  • Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP (FSx for ONTAP)

Hardware & Software


  • FAS2650


  • AFF A300


  • Cloud Manager
  • FSx for ONTAP
  • Cloud Sync
  • Cloud Data Sense