NetApp Cloud Data Sense

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Solution Overview

Always-on Governance & Compliance Controls

Cloud Data Sense is a data governance service for Cloud Manager that scans your corporate on-premises and cloud data sources and working environments to map and classify data, and to identify private information. This can help reduce your security and compliance risk, decrease storage costs, and assist with your data migration projects.

Cloud Compliance was renamed Cloud Data Sense in June 2021.


  • Identify Personal Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Identify a wide scope of sensitive information as required by GDPR, CCPA, PCI, and HIPAA privacy regulations
  • Respond to Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR)
  • Notify Cloud Manager users through email when files contain certain PII
  • View and modify Azure Information Protection (AIP) labels in your files
  • Add a custom status to files (for example, "needs to be moved") and assign a Cloud Manager user so that person can own the change to the files
  • Move and delete files
  • Identify the stale data, non-business data, duplicate files, and very large files in your systems.
  • View the size of data and whether any of the data contains sensitive information prior to moving it.


Supported working environments and data sources

  • Cloud Volumes ONTAP in AWS
  • Cloud Volumes ONTAP in Azure
  • Cloud Volumes ONTAP in Google Cloud
  • On-premises ONTAP clusters
  • Azure NetApp Files
  • Amazon S3
  • Non-NetApp file shares
  • Object storage (that uses S3 protocol)
  • Databases
  • OneDrive accounts

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Goals & Objectives

This is one of a five-part lab series that provide hands-on access to the following NetApp Cloud Data Services.

  1. Cloud Manager
  2. Cloud Volumes ONTAP
  3. Cloud Backup Service
  4. Cloud Data Sense
  5. Cloud Tiering

By accessing this lab you will better understand the features and functionality of Netapp Cloud Manager.

Hardware & Software


  • AFF A300


  • AFF A300


  • Cloud Manager (AWS, Azure, and GCP)
  • Cloud Volumes ONTAP (AWS, Azure, and GCP)
  • Cloud Backup Service (AWS, Azure, and GCP)
  • Cloud Data Sense (AWS, Azure, and GCP)
  • Cloud Tiering (AWS, Azure and GCP)