Salt Automation Lab - Module 2

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Solution Overview
Salt is an open-source software designed to provide event-driven IT automation, remote task execution and configuration management. In this lab, users will install and configure Salt on both master and minion servers and then utilize the Salt tools to remotely execute commands on the minion.  To effectively use Salt, the administrators must be able to uniquely target individual systems or groups of systems for the purpose of issuing commands or affecting configuration changes.

Goals & Objectives

This lab focuses on the art of targeting Salt Minions.  Several methods of targeting will be explored with the goal of understand how to provide granularity to the targeting process. 


  1. Targeting Minions
    1. MinionID Targeting
    2. Globbing
    3. Using LIsts
    4. Regular Expressions
  2. Grains and Pillars
    1. Core Grains
    2. Targeting with Grains
    3. Creating Custom Grains
  3. Subnet/IP Address Matching

Hardware & Software

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15
OpenSUSE Leap 15.1
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Fedora 30