Salt Automation Lab - Module 1

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Solution Overview
Salt is an open-source software designed to provide event-driven IT automation, remote task execution and configuration management. In this lab, users will install and configure Salt on both master and minion servers and then utilize the Salt tools to remotely execute commands on the minion.  

Goals & Objectives

The goal of this lab is to introduce users to the Salt automation platform. 

  1. Installing the Salt Master Server
    1. Installing the Salt-master package via GUI
    2. Firewall configuration to allow salt operation
    3. Auto-starting the Salt-master service
  2. Installing the Salt Minion Software
    1. Installing the Salt-minion packages via command line
    2. Configuration of the Salt Minion Service
    3. Auto-starting the Salt-minion service
  3. Accepting Minion Keys on the Master server
  4. Verifying connectivity between Master and Minion
  5. Executing Remote commands on the Minion 

Hardware & Software

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15
    • Master Salt Server with SUSE Desktop environment
  • OpenSUSE Leap 15
    • Salt Minion Host for testing and executing remote commands
  • The virtual environment is supported by a router and DNS server.  
    • DNS Server is OpenSUSE Leap 15
    • Application routing services provided by Vyatta router