Get the most out of your data by seamlessly scaling and moving enterprise applications from core to edge to cloud.

NetApp & WWT: Object Storage solution StorageGRID

NetApp StorageGRID

NetApp Solutions

Get the most out of your data through seamless lifecycle management and policy-driven optimization of durability and performance.

Backup Target

Optimization for throughput and data durability made object storage the perfect platform for long term data retention. The ability to manage the lifecycle of data through policies and federate with public cloud service providers drastically increases the value of the platform

Data Placement Optimization

As data ages, it often becomes less relevant while remaining important to organization. The Information Lifecycle Management engine helps build, simulate and apply policies to balance access performance and cost of storing data over time

AI and Data Analytics

The number of AI and data analytics application supporting object storage as first tenet is increasing drastically. To keep pace with the increasingly demanding workloads, all-flash object storage appliances have made their way to market

Archival and Compliance

Data durability and effective cost of object storage makes it the perfect platform for compliance and archiving of data

Why WWT for NetApp Solutions

Implementation Services

Our Advanced Services team helps equips organizations with their new technology as quickly as possible to start driving outcomes. We have extensive experience modernizing, moving and consolidating data center infrastructures — both physical and virtual. Get support to seamlessly deploy the latest technology and ensure reliability, flexibility and performance across your enterprise.

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Integration Services

With more than four million square feet of space on three continents, WWT is positioned to provide robust logistics and life-cycle management internationally. Services range from basic, just-in-time logistics to configuration and staging. In addition, automation of process allows us to integrate with customer systems for seamless device delivery and management.

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Lab Services

Leveraging the Advanced Technology Center (ATC), we are able to demonstrate the capabilities and features of NetApp's converged and hyperconverged solutions in the context of private cloud deployment. More importantly, the ATC enables customers to test scalability or interoperability with hundreds of other devices and software.

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