Simplify and accelerate network operations with SDN

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is a new way of deploying network infrastructure that is changing the way networks are managed and controlled, and how network services are implemented. Although it goes by many names – open networking, networking programmability, active networking – SDN is, at its core:

A flexible, programmatic framework to optimize the delivery and management of network services.

Shrinking budgets and ever-tighter deadlines make the ability to quickly and efficiently manage, configure, spin up and secure networks essential.

SDN allows organizations to simplify and accelerate network operations through automated provisioning, network virtualization, Network Function Virtualization (NFV), service chaining and centralized policy and configuration management. It provides security improvements and enables application mobility, all the while reducing costs by extending the life of network infrastructure while requiring fewer dedicated resources for its management.

By automating provisioning, configuration and network troubleshooting, your organization can free network engineering resources for more strategic tasks. With an SDN solution like Cisco Application-Centric Infrastructure (ACI) or VMware NSX, you can dramatically accelerate and improve network operations like DevOps, Software as a Service, and Private Cloud. Increased, real-time visibility into the workings and performance of your network means less time discovering troubleshooting issues and more time resolving them.

As a Cisco Gold Certified Partner, ACI Authorized Technology Provider (ATP) and award-winning systems integrator, WWT can help you determine if SDN is a good fit for your organization. We can show you how to leverage SDN to support your existing network infrastructure, as well as guide you through the requirements for a fully implement SDN, from servers and storage to network fabric and endpoints.

Whether through workshops, a walkthrough of the myriad of ways you can automate and integrate ACI, a proof of concept in our Advanced Technology Center, or a pre-configured, ready-to-go system built in one of our Integration Centers, we can help you implement SDN within your organization to expand productivity, security and control.

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