Value Stream Mapping Workshop

8 hours
Due to the growth of personal computing applications and technological advancements, IT is changing at a rapid pace, which makes it difficult for IT to clearly understand a process of user requests-to-outcome. As a result, performance and quality impacting services often suffer. 

What to Expect

During the workshop, participants will engage in discovery and value stream mapping exercises focused on the following.
  • Prioritization of workflows and alignment with business outcomes
  • Analysis of workflows to identify performance and quality issues
  • Development of a future state process map
  • Creation of an automation strategy and implementation plan

Goals & Objectives

It’s not uncommon for processes that impact quality and speed of IT service delivery to take days, weeks or even months to execute. Common examples of delayed requests include:

Network Add, move, change, delete VLANS in a network fabric

Firewall Update firewall access-list policy

Storage Add a volume to a pool

Security change passwords on network devices

To address these challenges, IT organizations must empower their teams with repeatable, visible, end-to-end processes with a focus on intelligent automation.

WWT Value Stream Mapping services will analyze and prioritize areas of process improvements to drive business outcomes. WWT will provide the client with current-state to future-state mapping for an actionable automation plan that ensures
improved quality and faster delivery of IT services.


Participants will have an analysis of process areas through ideation and development of controls for future-state operating models. Benefits include reduced overall IT costs through automation, reduced overall risk associated with product or services deployment, and reduced time to execute tasks and processes.