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As telecom carriers transition to a more virtualized world, web scale networking solutions are no longer merely "nice to have" — they are table stakes for operators looking to thrive in the next generation of the economy.

To meet the bandwidth and latency demands promised under 5G, telecom service providers will need to deploy a much denser Radio Access Network (RAN) that is agile enough to rapidly embrace new innovations so operators can best serve end customers. Reliance on legacy, single-vendor RANs comes at a cost of diminished scalability, increased operating expense and little room for innovation.

Operators now have an alternative — they can replace legacy RAN systems with Open RAN solutions, which utilize a virtualized RAN on general-purpose hardware to foster agility and innovation and allow for multiple specialized vendors.

WWT has developed a fully-integrated cloud-based, virtualized Open RAN blueprint that operators can leverage to accelerate 4G and forge a clear path toward broader 5G adoption. This end-to-end turnkey solution, based on Intel architecture, will help service providers deploy high-performance networks, enable agile service delivery and reduce operational expenditures.

The value of a head start

Service providers are looking to disaggregate and virtualize their infrastructure to enable agility in delivering new cloud-based services to their enterprise and consumer customers. WWT's Open RAN blueprint, which includes multiple deployment models, supports cost-effective builds and upgrades to existing infrastructures. 

These customizable blueprints are a major step toward realizing an industry-wide vision for 5G, delivering an open, agile, software-driven network that enables richer services, greater flexibility, and cost savings.

Open RAN blueprints will accelerate operators' time-to-revenue for a rapid 4G/5G upgrade path. Instead of taking a year or more to devise their own system, operators can use WWT's end-to-end program enablement to gain a head start, enabling them to get to market faster. 

Variations of the Open RAN blueprint — built on powerful Intel hardware and software from Cisco and Altiostar — are validated in WWT's Advanced Technology Center (ATC) and deployed through our Global Integration Center facilities with support via our professional services capabilities. As a result, operators will be able to quickly stand up the solution no matter where they are in the deployment journey.

WWT's Open RAN enablement program can flex to meet the needs at any stage of network transformation and assist along every step of the process — from Idea to Outcome — easing Open RAN deployment at any scale. In addition to integration, WWT's service portfolio extends to onsite deployment, infrastructure, ATC lab services and consulting.

For rural and urban operators alike

In today's competitive environment, service providers can ill afford another non-scalable, off-the-shelf product that locks them into a single vendor. They need validated solutions that can quickly be iterated upon to deliver their own "flavor" — customized solutions that meet their unique environment needs while optimizing time to revenue. 

Not all operators compete on the same playing field, however, and some have significantly more resources than others. Smaller operators typically lack the R&D resources of the major Tier 1 carriers to design their own network from scratch. 

The U.S. government, through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is providing incentives to U.S. service providers, particularly in rural areas, to ensure they deploy modernized 4G/5G RAN solutions that would help American operators compete

However, it's not a simple rip and replace job: new RAN solutions must be totally constructed — and validated — alongside the current network before switching over. 

Legacy RANs come as self-contained systems and all ingredients, such as baseband unit, are pre-integrated. Open RAN completely decouples those elements, requiring the services of an experienced integrator to bring all parts together in a single cost-efficient solution. 

WWT's Open RAN offering supports exactly that need.

Onward to 5G

With Open RAN, service providers can unshackle themselves from the legacy single-vendor architectures that are no longer suited for today's dynamic, virtualized environments. 

WWT, along with partners Cisco and Altiostar, are building and delivering fully-integrated, customized and validated Open RAN blueprints to accelerate 4G and 5G upgrades for service providers of all sizes. This partnership provides a rapid path to providing richer next-gen services to business and residential customers at less cost.

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