Meet WWT Asynchrony Labs

Software Agility

Fail fast, always be learning. Software developers are increasingly finding that an Agile, DevOps approach to application development works. It allows them to meet the needs of lines of business, which can quickly shift based on market demands.

But applications are often held back due to infrastructure limitations. Rarely can IT departments architect, source and deploy infrastructure at the speed of agile, software and mobile app development.

Asynchrony, an agile software development company with expertise in application development, mobile computing, and systems and sensor integration, found themselves in this spot.

Infrastructure Agility

WWT has set itself apart from other technology integrators by building environments that allow customers to quickly evaluate architectural infrastructure solutions. Sandbox environments in our Advanced Technology Center serve as platforms for proofs of concept and rapid prototyping. Along with large-scale pilot capabilities, IT departments can stand up and deploy infrastructure at the speed of business.

But enterprises can only realize the business value of infrastructure solutions through well-designed software applications.

As custom applications are becoming more critical to business, we found our customers needed solutions that accounted for the software and infrastructure components of technology solutions.

Filling the Gap and Meeting Business Needs

Our acquisition of Asynchrony fills a gap that existed for both companies. We had agility on the back-end and Asynchrony had agility on the front-end.

Now, with the newly named Asynchrony Labs, we can deliver end-to-end solutions that include user-facing software and the systems and infrastructure that support it.

Asynchrony Labs will be a vital component of our Advanced Technology Center ecosystem as we continue to focus on and invest in areas like mobility, security, big data and the Internet of Things.