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There were some exciting NetApp announcements earlier this month. We will highlight each of them below.

Many of the products below have yet to be released. Products may be subject to change.

NetApp C-Series QLC Flash Family

NetApp announced new additions to their all-flash FAS offerings—specifically, they announced the NetApp C-Series capacity flash lineup. The C-Series will utilize high-density QLC flash vs. the TLC flash offered on their All-Flash FAS (AFF) arrays. The C-Series aims to fill the need for capacity and performance workloads that fall between hybrid FAS arrays and the AFF. 

The C-Series models are desirable for migrating from HDD to flash-based storage for workloads that do not require sub-millisecond response times or as a high-capacity backup, disaster recovery, caching or tiering target. Additionally, many customers seek a simplified approach to cloud integration. The C-Series is an excellent fit for these use cases.

The C-Series models will use the same chassis as the A250, A400 and A800. As a result, the C-Series models will be C250, C400 and C800. A redesigned bezel is planned to differentiate them from the AFF series.

Mix and match the C-Series in ONTAP clusters with FAS and AFF models. Easily combine performance, capacity, or hybrid across NAS, SAN and S3 protocols. No other storage OS is as flexible as ONTAP.

An overview of the C-Series models is highlighted in Table 1 below.


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Table 1


ONTAP One is a new, bundled ONTAP offering specifically for the C-Series that simplifies quoting and pricing. With ONTAP One, protocols, data protection, security and compliance, and encryption (see note 1 below) are bundled in.

NetApp Advance

NetApp Advance is a portfolio of programs and guarantees for the AFF (including the new C-Series) and FAS. The goal is to enhance the customer experience with best-in-class service and support across their FAS and AFF systems. 

Here are the highlights of the NetApp Advance offerings:

Storage Lifecycle Program (SLP)

With the SLP program, NetApp will provide hardware refreshes for AFF and FAS every three years at no charge. You choose when to upgrade, and NetApp will assist you with seamless and secure scaling as your needs evolve.

Capacity Trade-In

Reduce investment risk and safeguard your purchase by trading in your existing SLP-covered storage media for a 100 percent capacity credit when you purchase additional new capacity. This approach ensures you never have to buy the same storage twice and future-proofs your investment.

Enhanced Software Experience

With the option for fully-managed upgrade services, you can rely on NetApp to ensure your systems stay current without any additional effort on your part.

Cloud Advantage

Via the SLP, Cloud Advantage allows you to exchange your on-premises controller refresh for cloud services or hybrid cloud SaaS with NetApp Keystone. This means that you can confidently purchase on-premises storage, knowing that you can easily transition your investment to the cloud later.

Storage Efficiency Guarantee

NetApp offers a storage efficiency guarantee of 4:1 for SAN workloads and 1.5:1 for NAS workloads on all AFF systems. The guarantee can help you maximize your purchase while minimizing energy usage, putting you on the path to meeting your sustainability goals.

New AFF A150

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The announcement of the C-Series models left the existing C190 array in an awkward spot. The C190 is being replaced with the new A150. The A150 will have a considerable performance bump from the C190. It will also have more options for expandability. MetroCluster/IP support is planned. The A150 will be an excellent fit as an entry-level, all-flash array.

The C-Series and A150 are quotable in March and first shipping in April. The NetApp Advance offerings are available now.

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1. Encryption is not available for all countries